“If humility, simplicity and charity, which produce support, are well established among you, your little Company will be made up of as many saints as there are persons.”

—St. Louise de Marillac


Our life in Community

The Daughters of Charity live together in community, sharing prayer life, working together, and supporting one another to fulfill our common mission. Each community is made up of a house of Sisters who live among those they serve. This allows us to understand the daily realities in our neighborhoods, adapt and respond to changing needs, and make immediate impact.

Daughters of Charity are passionate, active and joyful women with varied interests and diverse backgrounds. Sisters collaborate on service projects, bringing new and innovative solutions to important problems. Even when working in different ministries, Sisters come together daily to pray, recreate and share household responsibilities.

The life of a Sister can be challenging, but friendship, support and a strong faith bind us together and bring joy and laughter to our lives. Our life in community nurtures our spirit and strengthens our relationship with God, giving us the inspiration to carry out our mission every day.

Prayer is at the center of each Daughter’s life, providing the support and drive to lead an often-challenging life of service. We are women of the Church who consecrate ourselves to the Lord in order to serve the poorest and most vulnerable. Our charism is service to persons who are poor. The Eucharist is an essential part of daily life, and all Daughters participate in mass daily. These occasions not only develop our individual relationship with God, they nurture friendship, support, encouragement and insights to grow in our faith and move forward in our mission.