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Announcing the Daughters of Charity Vocations App!

Discerning your call is no easy task. We put together our new vocations app to help you have easier access to everything Daughters of Charity Vocations, hoping it’s a valuable tool in your discernment journey! We’re here to pray for you, walk through your journey with you and answer your questions.

Here are some things you can do with the app:

See everything in one spot. “Like” us on Facebook? Follow us on Twitter? Check out our YouTube videos? They’re all accessible right here in one place, through our app. Different tabs will show you what we’ve been sharing and allow you to interact and find us quickly.

Listen to our podcasts. View available episodes, listen to our interviews, and learn about what’s important to us as Daughters of Charity!

Register for a retreat. See our upcoming events and discernment retreats directly from the app, and find out more about how to get going on your journey.

Get a hold of us. Check out the Contact Us tab to ask us a quick question, tell us to pray for you or find out more about the Daughters of Charity.

Catch our latest stories and important information. In the News tab, find our latest blog posts featuring vocation stories from Sisters and discerners like you, and keep an eye out for details about retreats.

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